Maithri Demands 1000 Million From ITN for Damaging Reputation

Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena has taken legal action against the Independent Television Network (ITN) by sending a letter of demand seeking Rs.1000 Million.

The Common Candidate has taken legal action against the television network, its board of directors and Deputy General Manager (News) Sudharman Radlaiyagoda.

Sirisena has claimed that the ITN, through its news bulletin, has maliciously damaged the reputation of the Common Candidate by publishing false and baseless stories about his personal life.

The story under question has been aired during its main news bulleting on December 30 at 7 pm. The legal action has been filed by lawyer Namal Rajapaksa on behalf of the Common Candidate of the opposition .

The letter of demand said the Common Candidate of the opposition, a senior politician, is deeply hurt over the damaging story aired during the main news bulletin of the state owned ITN.

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