Maithripala Skips Election Meetings Due To Security Reasons

Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena avoided attending several political rallies yesterday due to security reasons.

Despite his absence, the Common Candidate yesterday addressed a meeting in Kandy yesterday via a telephone call.

Speaking to the crowd gathered at the house of the UNP organizer of Galagedara polling division, the Common Candidate said that the recent attacks on his election meetings posed a serious threat to his life.

With the attack on our meeting in Polonnaruwa the whole city turned into chaos and this despicable, shameless act is a great example of cowardliness”, Sirisena said.

The Common Candidate expressed his regret of being unable to participate at the meeting and urged the people to remain patiently till the end of the Presidential Election.

Gunshots were fired at the opposition rally in Aralaganwila on January 3 when Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena was leaving the stage.

This happened a day after a Common Candidate's meeting came under a stone attack in Pelmadulla.

Several people were injured due to the two incidents which happened as the election campaign entered its final stage.

(Hasitha Ayeshmantha)

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