UNP 'Raids' House In Panagoda To Search Ballot Papers & Boxes

A group of UNP representatives today inspected a house adjacent to the Army camp in Panagoda in search of fake ballot papers and ballot boxes.

UNP Provincial Councilor Manju Sri Arangla and a group of representatives from ‘Sirikotha’, the UNP headquarters, got involved in the ‘raid’ which was carried out with the assistance of Police.

Speaking to Asian Mirror, a representative of ‘Sirikotha’ said they did not find anything from the house although there were a few suspicious signs.

The house which was inspected by the group had been rented by a senior Military office.

The development took place soon after a group Parliamentarians of the opposition entered the BMICH to carry out an investigation into "fake ballot" papers that were allegedly being kept within the premises.

The UNP said it would continue to act on ‘tip-offs’ to ensure a free and fair election.

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