Maithri To Take Oaths As President This Evening: Ranil Likely To Be PM FromTomorrow

Common Candidate of the opposition Maithripala Sirisena will take oaths as the new President of Sri Lanka this evening, sources close to him told Asian Mirror.

The swearing in ceremony will take place at Independence Square at 6 pm.

After taking oaths, he will extend an open invitation to every members of Parliament, including the UPFA MPs, to join his 100 day programme to introduce much needed democratic reforms to the country.

It is learnt that he will appoint UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister tomorrow. Also, the new President will appoint a multi-party cabinet as part of his 100 day programme.

Early next week, the new President will appoint an Advisory Council to devise constitutional amendments to ensure democracy in the country. The council will have the representation of members of political parties and civil organization.

The Parliament will be convened following the setting up of the Advisory Council.

A spokesperson of then opposition told Asian Mirror that every step made by the Common Candidate will be in accordance with the 100 day programme presented to the public by the Common Opposition prior to the presidential election

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