SLFP Members Demand Good Governance At Maha Oya

A protest was launched yesterday at Maha-Oya town in Ampara against the new government, alleging that the good governance and rule of law has actually collapsed.

The immediate reason for the protest was the assaulting of the Deputy Chairman of the Maha-Oya Pradeshiya Sabha WM Wimalasena.

Eastern Province Education Minister Samaraweera Dissanayake has told media that while the Deputy Chairman was still in hospital, the alleged attacker has been released after taking a statement.

He has added that the law does not act equally on all citizens under the Maithripala Sirisena government.

Dissanayake has also stated that the law enforcement is not taking place despite the continuous assaults, arson attacks and indimidation in the post election period. The protestors urged the president to protect the SLFPers who are being targetted in the post-election violence.

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