Duminda's Bank Accounts To Be Checked Following Wele Suda's Revelation

Following revelations made by international drug dealer “Wele Suda”, Police have obtained a court order inspect all bank accounts of Parliamentarian Duminda Silva.

‘Wele Suda’ had revealed that a Parliamentarian of the Colombo District was the “drug lord” who handled distribution of heroin in Colombo. He had also revealed some crucial details about multi-million financial transactions between him and the aforesaid Colombo District MP.

According to the court order, the Police will obtain Silva’s account details from all banks and financial institutions to know his sources of income.

‘Wele suda’ also revealed the name of a former IGP who was involved in his clandestine network. The former IGP had allegedly obtained a house from millionaire drug dealers.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that ‘Wele Suda' had also revealed the name of a former deputy minister, dubbing him as part of the drug supply chain.

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