CJ Battle Heats Up: National Executive Committee Decides To Take Immediate Action

The National Executive Committee, which met today, arrived at a decision to take action against Chief Justice Mohan Peiris soon, JVP Leader Anura Kumra Dissanayake said.

He said the investigations are still underway into the Chief Justice’s alleged involvement in the election night coup.

He added that action would be taken against the Chief Justice with the outcome of the ongoing investigations.

“Right now,” highly placed political sources said, “there are only two solutions to the problem. Either the Chief Justice has to resign or he has to be impeached.” The government, reportedly, is trying its best to resolve the issue amicably with the sitting CJ being appointed to a diplomatic posting. The possibility of impeachment, at this stage, remains as the last option.

However, civil organizations seeking the removal of the chief Justice have decided to launch continuous protests demanding Mohan Peiris to step down from office. The Organization for a Just Society, led by Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera, is to hold a protest in front of the Hulftsdorp courts complex tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, the person who claims to be the media spokesman of the Chief Justice yesterday that Peiris had no intention to step down from his position.

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