Vasu Says Mahinda Rajapaksa Should Be PM Candidate

February 04, 2015

UPFA Parliamentarian Vasudeva Nanayakkara said the SLFP and the left parties should form an anti-UNP alliance to win the next general election which is expected to be held in a few months.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, he said that he intends to contest as a part of the UPFA. However, if the SLFP decides to contest alone, the left parties should contest jointly. Informal talks are being held on it, he added.

However, he insisted that Rajapaksa is the best suited to be the Prime Ministerial candidate. Speaking to a local media channel a few days ago, he said that even though Nimal Siripala de Silva is the leader of the opposition, Rajapaksa has a much better chance to lead an election campaign to victory.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya he rejected rumors that a new alliance will be formed under the leadership of Rajapaksa. He said that those rumors are intended to break the anti-UNP vote.

Nanayakkara also revealed that Rajapaksa has still not accepted to be the Prime Ministerial candidate formally. The Minister said he is yet to start discussions with the former President in this regard.

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