'Decision Making Was Ad-Hoc, Knee-Jerk Process Under MR' : Sajith

Minister of Housing and Samurdhi Sajith Premadasa said that decision making was an ad-hoc, knee-jerk reaction under the former regime of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Delivering the keynote address at the introductory seminar of Build SL 2015 Expo at Hotel Galadhari last evening, he also said that family and friendships, rather than national interest were given priority under the Rajapaksa regime.

Premadasa added that good governance is vital for policy making and added that rational, scientific and methodical policy making is needed. This is vital for steady growth in economy, he said. The government has ensured that rationalities will be the order of the day instead of family or friendships, he stressed. Decision making will be done by experts with national interest in mind.

The Minister also added that the right to information will be ensured by the new government and it will minimize corruption. Nepotism will be negated, he also said. The government will ensure that there is a level field for all players, he stressed.

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