'TNA Trying To Mislead People' - PNF

February 16, 2015

Patriotic National Front stated that the TNA was misleading the country and is actually serving the purpose of the government by demanding an international inquiry into the alleged war crimes in the last phase of war.

Secretary of PNF Dr. Wasantha Bandara told a local media station that the TNA demands an international inquiry so that people will be led to believe that a local inquiry is better. A domestic inquiry under the auspices of international agents is even more dangerous, he added.

Bandara reminded that the new Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera had promised that an inquiry will be held according to the requirements of the international community. However, the people in the south are still not ready to accept an international inquiry. Therefore the TNA is making statements against a domestic inquiry to allay the fears of the people in the south, Bandara explained.

In the end, the TNA is serving the purpose of the government while appearing to go against it, Bandara said.

TNA has demanded the UN to publish the resolution to be tabled at the March sessions of the UNHRC while the government has asked for a postponement of it.

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