'Dinesh Gunawardena Committee Proposals Mathematically Wrong' - Anura Kumara

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake stated that the mixed electoral system proposed by the Dinesh Gunawardena Committee is a politically distortive system which does not suit Sri Lanka.

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, Dissanayake revealed that even though the report carried former minister Gunawardena's name, the electoral system proposed by it was written by some university lecturers.

Dissanayake further stated that he event appeared at the Parliamentary Select Committee on electoral system and made his point clear.

He added that the proposed system was mathematically wrong as the winner of 50 or 51 percent of the popular vote will be able to win around 70 percent of the seats in parliament.

Dissanayake also said that Sri Lanka needs a drastic system change and the preference vote system was not the main issue for the state of the political landscape

He also urged the government to call for a parliamentary election on April 23 as promised in the 100 Days Program, pointing out that the government has about 60 of the 225 members of parliament. Therefore, whether the electoral system is changed or not, the election should happen on time.

If electoral system is changed, it could be implemented in a subsequent election, if it could not be put in place for the forthcoming election, he said.

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