Police Launch Investigations On Hoisting Of 'Sinhale' Flag At Dalada Maligawa


Police Media Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana told Asian Mirror that they were currently conducting investigations on the tense situation that occurred near Magul Maduwa at Sri Dalada Maligawa yesterday.

"Kandy police has received a complaint about the incident from Dalada Maligawa authorities" he added.

The disturbance was created when a group including members of Sinhale National Front (SNF) and Swarna Hansa Foundation (SHF), tried to lower the National Flag and hoist a flag called "Sinhale Flag" near Magul Maduwa (Assembly Hall).

The group included few Buddhist monks said that they came to create events of the 1815 Kandyan Convention which took place 200 years ago symbolically. 

"We didn't have any intention to insult the national flag. We only wanted to commemorate Wariyapola Sumangala Thera hoisting 'Sinhale flag' in 1815" National Organizer of SNF Ahungalle Jinanada thera has told to a local news paper.

He further said that they would meet the IGP today (04) to urge an investigation against police officers who had purposely assaulted them.

However Police Media Spokesperson asserted that no one has came to the Police Head Quarters yet to file a complaint.

According to the constitution lowering the national flag for anyone in any occasion can be considered as a humiliating.

Many 'national organizations' including Sinhale National Front and Bodu Bala Sena have declared several times that the country's name should be changed to 'Sinhale' instead of Sri lanka and two vertical stripes of equal size in green and saffron also should be removed from the national flag.

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