'Port City Project Temporarily Suspended' - Kabir Hashim

Minister of Highways and Investment Promotion Kabir Hashim today said that the Colombo Port City Project was suspended until the special committee headed by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe released its report.

Speaking at a media conference today he said that the report could be expected in a few weeks.

Hashim further said that the project was not in favor of Sri Lanka and that 50 hectares of the proposed land had been given to China on permanent basis.

Sri Lanka may have to face some security threats because of this as China will have the access to a part of Sri Lankan waters. The frequency of docking their submarines and naval ships will be increased as well if this project is going to continue, he explained.

Hashim further said that for some reason the former government has signed several treaties which are not favorable to Sri Lanka.

The Minister stated that they were receiving information that the proper legal approval had not been granted for the commencement of the project. He said even though Sri Lanka Ports Authority carries out the Port City project, it has no legal authority to involve in such projects.

The Prime Minister, Attorney General, environmental authorities, BOI, members of the Finance Ministry and Ports Authority comprise the Special Committee.

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