BBS Calls For Ban On Burqa

Bodu Bala Sena CEO Dilantha Withanage told Asian Mirror that Police should also ban the burqa, as well as the full face helmets, if they are genuinely concerned about the safety of the citizens.

“Police banned full face helmets saying that they are a threat to the national security and safety of citizens because they cover the whole face of the wearer. According to that logic police should also have banned the burqa because that dress covers the whole body of the wearer.” he explained.

Withanage further said that anyone could hide any kind of weapon if that person wears a burqa and no one could recognize the identity of him or her.

“Full face helmets had protected many lives so it’s not fair to ban them only because of burglaries” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Withanage also commented about the National Drug Policy and said that the ministry should take actions to legalize ‘Marijuana’ as an Ayurveda medicine.

“We don’t say that marijuana should be legalized as a drug. Ayurveda doctors must have chances to keep ‘authorized’ amount of marijuana for medical purposes” Withanage elaborated.

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