Ranjan Ramanayake Urges Sympathy For Uthaya

Deputy Minister of Social Services, Welfare and Livestock Development Ranjan Ramanayake stated that everyone should treat the young woman who scribbled on the Mirror Wall at Sigiriya with sympathy.
Speaking to 'Asian Mirror', Ramanayake said that he discussed her issue with relevant authorities.
Ramanayake said that Sinnathambi Uthaya Sri could not have written her name on the Mirror Wall with the intention of damaging a historical site.
“This two year jail term will create a huge black mark on her future life. Therefore I think everyone must look in to this matter with sympathy” he added.
The Deputy Minister said that the punishment was too severe in her case. He pointed out that there were more serious incidents of treasure hunting that go unpunished.
“I will do everything possible for her freedom as a deputy minister and an artiste” he said.
Sinnathambi Uthaya Sri (19) was arrested on February 14 for writing on the Mirror Wall. Dambulla Magistrate Court later sentenced her for two years imprisonment.
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