CAA Regulates Prices Of Tea, Hoppers

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) introduced a fixed-price for three food items sold at canteens.

Accordingly, the price of a cup of milk tea would be Rs.25, plain tea Rs. 10 and a price of a hopper would be 10, the CAA said today.

The price of 12.5 kg gas cylinder was reduced by Rs. 300 to Rs. 1,596 on January 29 from the interim budget of the government. In early February, following the interim budget, the All-Island Canteen Owners Association noted that a collective decision was taken to reduce the price of several goods.

It was decided to reduce the price of a cup of black tea to Rs. 10 while the price of cup of milk tea has been reduced to Rs. 30. Meanwhile, the price of a hopper was set at Rs. 10.

However, in many parts of the country, concessions were reportedly not implemented.

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