Several 'Media Giants' To Contest Next General Election

It has now come to the lime light that few ‘media giants’ will compete for the next parliamentary election representing several political parties.

According to reports, Raynor Silva, brother of UPFA MP Duminda Silva, will compete from Gampaha district for the forthcoming general election under the UNP ticket.

Duminda Silva also entered competitive politics through UNP.

Moreover, former Sirasa FM Channel Head S.M. Marikkar is expected to contest in the general election under the UNP ticket. He is currently a Western Provincial Council member. Meanwhile, Sirasa TV Head, Provincial Councilor Susara Dinal, will complete under the UPFA ticket.

Provincial Councilor Susil Kindelpitiya, who was a news director of Sirasa TV, will also compete for the election, most probably from the Democratic Party which he now represents.

Swarnavahini Program Director Buddika Kulasekara is also rumored to compete for the election, reports said.

It is also reported that Sri TV Chairman Thushara Kurera has been invited by two parties for the parliamentary election. He is hoping to compete from Gampaha District, sources said.

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