Hirunika Premachandra Hits Out At Government

Western Provincial Councilor Hirunika Premachandra stated that would not hesitate to leave the government if the change everyone, including her, expected was not happening.

Posting a statement on her Facebook page she stressed that she was among the “very few” and the only woman who left the previous government to support Maithripala Sirisena. He declared himself as the common candidate despite death threats and not knowing if he will be victorious or not, Premachandra added.

Most of the SLFP MPs who received ministerial portfolios recently, worked hard to defeat the present president and there are few good people in that lot, Premachandra said.

“I’m not in the decision making committee in the party, but if I was in that committee, obviously most of the people will be in jail by now” she declared.

Moreover, Premachndra slammed government’s decision of appointing S.B. Dissanayake as a cabinet minister of the recently formed national government.

I don’t think a person who does not respect women should not hold such a prestigious position not only that he should not be in the parliament, she asserted.

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