Local Residents Speak On Priyantha Sirisena's Murder

Local residents in Polonnaruwa spoke to Asian Mirror on various claims circulating in certain websites on the murder of Priyantha Sirisena, and said that the dispute which led to the incident was ongoing for some time.

Priyantha Sirisena, a younger brother of President Maithripala Sirisena and a well known businessman in Polonnaruwa, passed away early this morning after being attacked on the back of his head with an axe on Thursday (26).

The incident took place at around 7pm on Thursday and a 34 year old individual named Saputhanthrige Don Nishan Lakmal Saputhanthri surrendered to the Bakamuna Police within hours, claiming responsibility. He was produced before the Polonnaruwa Magistrate on Friday and was put on remand custody until April 8.

Some reports claimed that the assault was the result of a dispute arising from an extramarital affair between Sirisena and Saputhanthri’s wife. However, a resident of the area told Asian Mirror that Saputhanthri’s wife had been abroad for some time.

Meanwhile, the local Gramasevaka (Village Official) told media that Saputhanthri and his wife had separated before the wife left the country. Saputhanthri did not want to reunite with her, he also said.

Residents said that Sirisena and Saputhanthri were friends but they have been involved in a dispute for some time.

Saputhanthri told police that the immediate reason for the assault was Sirisena scolding his parents in foul language.

Born on December 12, 1972, Priyantha Sirisena was also known as ‘Weli Raju’, and was a well known businessman who was engaged in sand mining. He was the owner of Rajarata Builders Pvt. Ltd and Rajarata Sahal Pvt. Ltd.

Priyantha Sirisena’s funeral will be held on Monday, March 30, at 3.00pm at the Polonnaruwa General Cemetery.

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