JVP Condemns Attack On University Students

Government must take the full responsibility of the police attack on the protest by Inter University Students’ Federation on Tuesday (31), Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna stated.

Releasing a media statement on Wednesday (01), JVP stated that they strongly condemn using tear gas and high pressure water cannons to disperse the students who protested against the government’s failure to respond to its call to resolve issues in education.

Attacking students who claimed their rights without taking any steps to solve the problems cannot be accepted, the statement said.

“This government promised people to protect democracy after their win over Rajapaksa. But it seems that they have also taken the same path which was followed by Rajapaksa” the statement said and added that this system should be changed.

“Rajapaksa regime also attacked people in this manner. We still remember how they shot fishermen, labourers and common people in peaceful protests. That is why people united to defeat them. This ‘good governance’ government must keep that in their minds” JVP stressed.

If this government also hopes to solve problems of the people according to Rajapaksa regime’s method, everyone must condemn it, the statement said.

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