Fifty Four Sri Lankans Evacuated From Yemen

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday stated that 54 Sri Lankans have already been evacuated from Yemen.

Forty three Sri Lankans were evacuated to Djibouti by a Chinese vessel on 6 April 2015, while India and Indonesia each evacuated three Sri Lankans. In addition, 5 Sri Lankans crossed the Mukallah – Oman boarder and were received by Sri Lankan mission officials at Sallah, who then facilitated their return to Sri Lanka, MFA said.

Furthermore, MFA statement said that an operational center was set-up in Djibouti by the Sri Lanka High Commissioner in Nairobi to coordinate evacuation and repatriation.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera too has issued directives to the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in Kenya and the Charge d’ Affaires in Muscat to go to Djibouti to  support the operation and coordinate with the Indian officials.

Twenty nine Sri Lankans will arrive in Colombo from Djibouti on Wednesday (8) on board QR 656 at 8.15 pm. The Minister of Foreign Employment and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs will receive them at the airport, MFA said further.

MFA is coordinating closely with the Ministry of Foreign Employment and the Foreign Employment Bureau to bring the remaining Sri Lankans back home.

The Government of Sri Lanka appreciates the ready assistance of the Chinese government and all those who assisted in the evacuation, MFA further said.

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