Visakha Vidyalaya Principal Refutes Allegations On Denying Access To Disabled Child

Visakha Vidyalaya Principal Sandamali Aviruppola refuted allegations leveled at her that she had denied access to a classroom for a disabled student in Grade 8, adding that she has done everything possible within the limits.

Speaking to Asian Mirror, Aviruppola stated that the child had entered Visakha Vidyalaya before she assumed duties as principal. The then principal had refused to admit the child to the school, perhaps aware of the difficulties that may arise, Aviruppola said. However, the mother and a few others had protested in front of the school and forced the then principal to accept the child, Aviruppola claimed.

Furthermore, she said that she assumed duties at Visakha Vidyalaya when the child was in Grade 2. She assisted the child in every possible manner until this dispute occurred, she also said. The parents were given permission to bring the child in a vehicle and the mother could enter school at intervals to look into the child’s sanitary requirements, the principal said.

However, the dispute started when the father requested entry to school since the mother said that she could not carry the child. Aviruppola said that she has to take care of the wellbeing of all students and that she could not let the father enter the school to look into the child’s necessities. Although he was the father of the child, all other children will find it disturbing, she said.

The principal also said that the school was ready to provide for a maid to take care of the child’s requirements if her mother found it difficult to attend to it. She said that she was to present this suggestion at the hearing of the complaint at the Human Rights Commission on April 21.

She added that the school was having a difficulty in providing classrooms on ground level due to the arrangements of the classes. However, the principal further said that she will once again speak with the Old Girls’ Association and the School Development Society to provide for the necessities of the child in the best possible way.

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