JICA Allegedly Disrupt Sri Lankan Development Projects

JICA has been involved in Sri Lanka's development projects over the past few decades and has been a key contributor to the country's development. However, reliable sources within the industrial community allege that JICA is allegedly disrupting certain development projects in the country.

Sources said that JICA has committed to supply funds for the drinking water project in Kandy area (Greater Kandy water project) and Kaluganga water supply project. But they are proceeding with these projects very slowly. Kandy water supply project has been started in 1993 and Kaluganga has been started in 2001. The projects are yet to be finished. However, because of their commitment no one else can enter these projects and finish them, sources said. 

Under these circumstances JICA is reportedly trying to give a fresh commitment to Anuradhapura water supply project which has been identified as a priority project due to the acute kidney disease problem. For this project, Ministry of Water Supply requested funds from Australia in 2013 and Australian government has committed funds and submitted the proposal. This proposal has already been evaluated, negotiated, finalized and pending final cabinet approval. It seems under these conditions by trying to give a commitment to such a project, JICA is trying to create problems to diplomatic relations of the government of Sri Lanka as well as trying to hinder executing such important project, sources alleged.

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