Kabir Hashim Tortures Elephants At Awurudu Festival: Blatant Display Of Cruelty Against Animals

UNP General Secretary and senior Cabinet Minister Kabir Hashim has openly promoted cruelty against animals by torturing elephants at a new year festival that was held in Mawanella - his own electorate.

As clearly demonstrated in these pictures, he has used real elephants for traditional new year games at the festival, with little or no concern about the pain endured by the elephants.
Animal rights activists across the country have expressed serious concerns about the conduct of the Minister who is one of the front-line leaders of a government that promotes "good governance".
On the other hand, 'elephant' is the symbol of the United National Party of which Minister Hashim is a key office-bearer. One can also believe that Hashim's ignorant behaviour is a grave insult not only to the government, but also to the United National Party, which is the main stakeholder of the government.
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