Hashim's Lame Excuse: No Danger Was Posed To Elephants

Minister Kabir Hashim responded to criticism over the use of elephants for traditional New Year festivities in Mawanella, saying that he had no danger was posed to the animals at any point.

Posting a statement on his Facebook profile, the Minister of Highways and Investment Promotion said that the owners of the elephants were present during the entire event.  All precautions were taken to ensure the safety of these majestic animals, he added.

"The animals are considered a symbol of Sri Lanka and were brought to partake in the celebrations of the New Year. At no point in time was there any danger posed to the animals." Hashim also said.

Hashim further said that the photographs were removed due to several complaints. He claimed that “the organisers in no way meant to offend anyone by posting such photographs.”

However, Hashim’s statement did not show any concern about the pain endured by the elephants.

Animal rights activists and the general public across the country have expressed serious concerns about the conduct of the Minister who is a front-line leader of a government that promotes "good governance".

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