Veteran Singer Haroon Lanthra Passes Away

Haroon Lanthra, the veteran singer who touched soft corners in many hearts by singing "Sulan Kurullo" passed away early this morning.

Born on September 02, 1932, Lanthra dreamed to be a singer from his childhood.

His first song 'Lowe Semada Thanha' was recorded to gramophone tape in 1950.  In 1953 he sang ' Me loke Wase' for a film named 'Prema Tharangaya' and took first step as a play back singer.

He passed from the vocal test of Sri lanka Broadcasting Corporation in 1954 as a grade 'A' artist.

Apart from 'Sulan Kurullo' songs like 'Mage Namali', 'Ananda Me Re', 'Kiri Muhunda Kelambila', 'Saman Giren Paya Paya' were became very popular with Lanthra's voice.

He had been suffering from prolonged illness in the last years of his life.

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