Rajapaksa Supporters Want To Create Anarchy: Anura Dissanayake

JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said the MPs backing Mahinda Rajapaksa created disturbances in the parliament with the objective of stopping the passing of legislation in parliament and creating a state of anarchy.
Speaking at the JVP May Day rally at BRC Ground, Dissanayake stated that by creating a state of anarchy, Rajapaksa-allies planned to create the myth that only he could rule the country properly. This was a part of the plan of bringing back Mahinda Rajapaksa, Dissanayake stated.
Hailing the 19th Amendment as a significant development towards democracy, Dissanayake said that it created a status where the president's mandate is on par with the parliament's mandate. Before the 19th Amendment, the parliament was less powerful than the president, he added. One mandate cannot be stronger than the other mandate, he added.
Dissanayake also said that the JVP is not a security firm seeking to catch thives. By catching thieves, JVP wants to show the nature of the country's rulers, he said, adding that the long term objective of the JVP does not stop at short term goals.
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