Government Merely Taking Steps To Consolidate Power: FLSP

Instead of making the citizens empowered, the ‘good governance’ government is taking steps to consolidate the power they gained, Frontline Socialist Party Propaganda Secretary Pubudu Jayagoda said on Friday (01).
Addressing the May Day Rally organized by FLSP, Jayagoda further said that even the two words ‘good governance’ were not making any sense when it came to the working class.
“Those two words were originally invented by the World Bank for establishing capitalism in poor countries in Africa and Asia. They needed to protect their system of capitalism and their class, the bourgeois, from introducing agendas wrapped with words like ‘good governance’ in countries like ours”
Jayagoda also questioned the rule of law of the country. Government makes new rules day by day and tell us to obey them, he said. But we would like to say we would not follow rules which make the working class weaker, Jayagoda added.
“It’s because law and the justice are completely different terms” he asserted.
Jayagoda also stated that the 19th amendment to the constitution was also not for the benefit of country’s citizens.
“Passing 19th amendment is just like removing two teeth from 32 teeth of a devil.  Though they remove those two teeth devil is still there. That is what the 19th amendment is” he elaborated.
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