'Only A Natural Disaster In Australia Will Allow Gunaratnam To Gain Political Rights In SL'

Frontline Socialist Party Politburo Member Duminda Nagamuwa stated that according to the government's logic, Kumar Gunaratnam could return to the country legally only if there is a natural disaster in Australia.

Speaking at a press briefing in Colombo on Thursday, Nagamuwa reminded that despite the new government's invitation, no one who left the country for political reasons  during the presidency of Mahinda Rajapaksa returned to the country. The new government was also not committed in assuring their return, he added.

However, after the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal, the government said it will allow Sri Lankan exiles in Nepal to return. Afterwards, 12 exiles returned from Nepal, Nagamuwa said.

According to this logic, if there is a natural disaster in Australia, FLSP Central Committee Member Kumar Gunaratnam will also be allowed to be in Sri Lanka legally, Nagamuwa stated.

He also maintained that the struggle for political rights of Gunaratnam was not a fight only about him. It is a struggle for all those who are in exile, Nagamuwa stressed. He also pointed out that in the case of Gunaratnam, the government has not even responded to requests and application for citizenship for Gunaratnam. Even after the government started giving dual citizenship, there is nothing about Gunaratnam's requests, he added.

Nagamuwa stated that FLSP will continue to struggle for Gunaratnam's political rights through legal and other means.



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