National Policy Needed For Resettlement: Lalkantha

JVP Politburo Member and Western Provincial Council Member K.D. Lalkantha pointed out that there is a serious need for a national policy on resettlement and land issues.

Taking part in ‘Balaya’ political talk show on Hiru TV last evening, he said that if people in Wilpattu have been settled in illegally cleared lands, it could affect these people directly. Meanwhile, the environment system is being affected by any resettlement in the area, he also pointed out.

Lalkantha made it clear that this type of land and environmental issues are not unique to Wilpattu. Land is available for settlements and agriculture in many dry zone areas which are currently under forest cover. With the increasing population, a need for more lands could arise.

Therefore, there must be a balance between human activities and environment conservation. This cannot be solved by ad hoc measures carried out by regional politicians, Lalkantha stressed.

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