AG Gives Undertaking Not To Arrest Tiran Alles

Attorney General gave an undertaking to the Supreme Court that police will not arrest MP Tiran Alles and will carry out further investigations into irregularities at the RADA institute.

This undertaking was given when the Fundamental Rights petition filed by Alles was considered today at the Supreme Court.

In his petition, the opposition Parliamentarian urged the Supreme Court to issue an interim order to prevent his arrest as he was an owner of a newspaper company and a close associate of the former President.

He alleged that the police had taken action against him under political pressure due to the influence of a certain minister. He also claimed that the government was taking revenge from its political opponents and he too faced the risk of being arrested.

The passports of the MP and four others who served on the Board of Directors of a company named RADA Institute were impounded in early April following a Court order given by the Fort Magistrate’s Court.

RADA Institute had been set up in 2006 with the approval of the Presidential Secretariat with the stated aim of building houses for residents of the North and East who had lost their homes in the 2004 Tsunami.

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