Staggering Rs.25 Billion Loss For Sri Lankan Airlines

February 05, 2014

Sri Lankan Airlines has incurred a loss of Rs. 25 billion during the last financial year (2013-2014), Minister of Aviation Piyankara Jayarathne revealed in Parliament a short while ago.

The Minister also added that the daily expenditure of one employee at Sri Lankan Airlines stands at Rs. 166722.  “Although 6523 employees are presently working at Sri Lankan Airlines, the company is still short of staff,” the Minister said responding to a question raised by UNP Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake.

“Total debts of Sri Lankan Airlines stand at USD 4o million while total bank overdrafts stand at USD 50 million. In addition, there are mid-term loans standing at USD 140 million. The total indebtedness of Sri Lankan Airlines amounts to USD 230 million,” the Minister added.

Karunanayake also asked whether the expenses arising from the Sri Lankan Airlines Chairman’s decision to get a special flight to Singapore to avoid a two hour transit would also be added to the total loss. The Minister said he would answer that question following an inquiry into the matter.

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