FLSP Contesting Election To Create Different Discourse

The Frontline Socialist Party officially announced that it will contest in the forthcoming general election.
Speaking at a press conference this morning, FLSP Propaganda Secretary Pubudu Jayagoda said that the party was contesting the election to point out the real issues faced by the public.
He said that although the presidential election on January 8 is described as a revolution, it just transferred power from one group to the other. Pointing out that Mahinda Rajapaksa's government did not solve real issues, Jayagoda argued that the present government is no better. The parliament was dissolved when the COPE report on the controversial Central Bank bond issue was to be released. People were not given the right to know the truth, he pointed out.
The Rajapaksa government was notorious for nepotism and corruption and this government was going in the same path, Jayagoda also said. He pointed out that relatives and friends of prominent figures in the government were given positions in the government institutions. Meanwhile, those who protest demanding their rights are being attacked with no difference, Jayagoda said.
As such, there was a need to create a discourse on the real issues faced by the people, Jayagoda said. The FLSP decided to contest the election to create such a discussion, he pointed out.
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