Fonseka Discussing Possibility Of Alliance: Sources

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka's Democratic Party was in negotiations on forming an electoral alliance with some other parties over the last few days, informed political sources told Asian Mirror.
The Democratic Party initially planned to contest the election on its own. Some potential candidates had even launched their individual poster campaigns across the country with the anticipation of contesting under the party's symbol, the flame.
However, Fonseka recently said that he was ready to forge an electoral alliance if the Rajapaksa faction was threatening to come to power.
Political sources say that the recent developments are likely to reinvigorate the attempts at forming an alliance. The National Democratic Front and its symbol, the swan, could come into play as a rallying point in this attempt, sources also pointed out.
Following yesterday's developments, certain disgruntled SLFP elements could also join this alternative camp, political sources indicated.
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