Government Issues Clarification On Wilpattu Land: No Muslim Land Will Be Taken Over

The Government today issued a clarification on the forestlands recently designated as part as of the Wilpattu Sanctuary.

 On March 24, while in Russia, the President signed a special gazette notification declaring the Mavillu, Weppal, Karadikkuli, Marichchikadi and Vilaththikulam forests as the Mavillu Forest Reserve, under 3A of the Forest Conservation Ordinance.

‘...But, some interested parties with personal or political agendas are carrying out disinformation campaign and falsely state that the Muslim religious places, villages and houses would be acceded to the Government and the Wildlife Department under the said Gazette Notification, the Government Information Department said.

These forests were declared as Reserves under the Gazette in order to protect the forest areas adjacent to the areas released for the people as settlements.

Accordingly, it is informed that none of the Muslim religious places, villages or houses in which the people live and have legal rights would be acceded to the Government,’ it said.


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