‘Working Class, A Powerful Force’: President’s May Day Message

President Maithripala Sirisena, in his message for May Day, saluted the working class for the victory of the ‘glorious power of human labour’ that ‘defeated the superior structures of civilization.’

‘With a salute for the comrades of the working class celebrating May Day all over the world, I am greatly pleased to end this message for the International Workers’ Day which symbolizes the historic victory of the glorious power of human labour that defeated the superior structures of the civilization,’ he said in his message.

‘The International Workers’ Day reminds us of the arduous path in which the workers trod, sacrificing blood. Sweat and tears from an era in which the iron-chained workers were considered as the property of the employers to the present day when the employers and employees could thrash out issues at a round table discussion.’

‘The May Day gives an opportunity to mark the victories achieved by the Sri Lankan workers from the day when S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike declared May 1st a holiday.’

‘I wish to remind the working class that has become a powerful force over the years through struggles has played a major critical role in the recent campaign to won back democracy in Sri Lanka,’ the President further said.

‘They also have the responsibility to play a major role in the struggle to face the challenged of establishing reconciliation in Sri Lanka and achieve economic prosperity for the people. I believe the working people will act as a responsible social force while strengthening their career rights, benefits and privileges while being sensitive to the entire gamut of the economic process of the country, as well as new global trends.’

‘This year’s May Day gives us more vigour as it is celebrated at a time when the Great Russian Revolution of 1917 marks its centenary celebrations. I join the working people who celebrate May Day today all over the world with warmth and encouragement,’ the President said in his message.

‘I also salute all the working comrades who sacrificed their lives, who raised their voices and shed blood and sweat for human freedom and labour rights.’

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