Ranil Says He Is Ready To Appear Before Bond Commission: "We Will Ensure Democracy And Good Governance"

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's office, this evening, announced that the Prime Minister was ready to appear before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Treasury bonds issue and make clarifications. 

The statement also said the Prime Minister would make clarifications "at any time" in view of references to him during proceedings. 

"In line with January 08, 2015 mandate, the government will investigate allegations made against it or its employees. The Prime Minister's office assures the public that the government will carry out its mandate to ensure democracy and establish good governance," the statement added. 

However, when two powerful Cabinet ministers Malik Samarawickrama and Kabir Hashim appeared before the commission last week, their statements were limited to mere 20 minutes with the officials from the Attorney General's Department making no effort to question them.

After the departure of the ministers, the commissioners said they had enough evidence to compile a report. 

In this context, many political observers question the genuineness of the Prime Minister's Office's statement.

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