President Says He Clearly Understands The Problems Faced By Individual Communities In Sri Lanka

November 18, 2017

President Maithripala Sirisena said that he clearly understands the issues faced by each community in this country, and the government including himself is committed to provide solutions to those issues in a very open and fair manner.

A discussion held with the family members of the missing persons at the Presidential Secretariat on Thursday (16th Nov.) President Sirisena emphasized that his aim is to provide swift solutions for the issues faced by the family members of the missing persons.

During this meeting, they presented their issues and demands to the President in detail.

The President expressing his views regarding the allegations made about some persons are being apprehended in government’s detention centers, said that there is no such secrete detention centers for the present government and no one is held in custody.

The President instructed to submit a new application through District Secretaries to obtain complains of the family members of the missing persons, to collect their appeals as well as to collect their information. He also instructed to issue a Circular to all the District Secretaries stipulating to collect that information before 15th December.

The President further advised to review those gathered information through the Office of Missing Persons and the Missing Persons Commission.

The officials including the Secretary to the President, Austin Fernando and the Secretary to the Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation Mr. Sivagnanasothy also participated in this meeting.


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