‘No Need To Panic’: Petroleum Ministry Spokesperson Says No Petrol Shortage And No Petrol Strike

November 20, 2017

A Petroleum Ministry spokesperson yesterday confirmed there was no petrol shortage and no petrol strike, urging the public not to panic as it had at the previous occasion prompting a petrol shortage at stations islandwide.

Reports that there was a petrol shortage began to circulate yesterday after several petrol stations reported they were out of gas and queues began to form outside petrol stations in several parts of the country.

The Petroleum Ministry spokesperson however laid to rest the rumours there was once more a petrol shortage in the country and also said there was no strike organized for tomorrow, as reported from some quarters.

Sri Lanka only weeks ago came out of a four-day petrol crisis, when stocks ran out after an oil shipment was turned away for not meeting standards.

The crisis was widely criticized by the public and political detractors prompting President Sirisena to appoint a Cabinet Sub-Committee to investigate the incident.


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