Luxury Vehicle Submerged In Diyawanna Waters: Kabir Admits BMW Driver A ‘Relation Of Mine’

Higher Education and Highways Minister Kabir Hashim has admitted that the driver of the luxury vehicle that plunged into the Diyawanna Oya in Thalawattugoda on Saturday (17) was a relative of his, but swore off any connection with his political work.

‘Recent allegations levelled by several websites regarding an accident that took place on Saturday (17) in Thalawatugoda involving a BMW and two other vehicles have been brought to my attention,’ the Minister said in a statement.

‘The individual who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident is a relation of mine. However, he has no involvement in my political work nor is he an official connected to my Ministry,’ the Minister said.

‘This accident is being dealt with by the relevant authorities and neither myself nor my personal staff have any involvement,’ he said.

It was earlier alleged that the car, which was travelling at high speed and veered off the road before hitting two cars and plunging in the waters, was driven by the President’s son, and, alternately, the son of a UNP Cabinet Minister.

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