Cabinet Reshuffle Likely After May 02 Due To 'Graha Maruwa': Politicos Asked To Buy Time Till 'Transition'

The proposed Cabinet reshuffle is likely to take place after May 02, informed political sources said. 

The reason for the delay, according to them, is a 'graha maruwa' (A transition of starts) taking place on the same day. 

Astrologers, Asian Mirror learns, have advised the leaders of the government to go for the proposed Cabinet reshuffle after May 02. 

They had also advised that a Cabinet reshuffle after the 'graha maruwa' would yield positive results for the government.

However, speaking to BBC Sandeshaya, President Maithripala Sirisena said a newly appointed Cabinet will meet at the Cabinet meeting next week. 

The next Cabinet meeting is scheduled to take place on May 02. 

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