Sri Lankan Government Spends Rs. 8.6 Million On Four Visits To The Country By UK MPs Between May 2016 And June 2018

Sri Lanka is among the top 10 countries that paid most for visits by UK MPs during the period between May 02, 2016 and June 18, 2018. 
According to details publicized by the UK Parliament's Expenses Registry, UK MPs had accepted four trips to Sri Lanka, worth a total of £38,750 (Over LKR 8.6 million), during the aforesaid period. 

The other countries on the top ten list are Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Japan, India and Gibraltar. 

BBC said members of Parliament have benefitted from more than £2m worth of free overseas trips in the last two years.
A total of 810 visits were recorded by 340 MPs in the years either side of the 2017 general election.
Conservative MPs were treated to £1.3m worth of travel and £630,000 was spent on Labour members.
The other parties had less than £200,000 spent on them put together.
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