Six Avant Garde Defender Jeeps And 'Mercenaries' Used In 72 Hour Pre-Election Operation

Asian Mirror can now reveal that six Defender jeeps and a group of 'mercenaries' attached to Avant-Garde private security firms have been used by top echelons of the former government for 'election operations' on January 06 and 07.

The sources from the Ops room which operated at 'Sirikotha', the UNP headquarters, said that the six Defenders and mercenaries left Colombo in the morning of January 06.  Two of the jeeps were sent to Moneragala, two to Kundasale on January 06 itself. The other two jeeps were seen in the Beruwala area on January 07.

Leaders of the UPFA, who led the party's campaign in aforesaid areas, were fully aware of the movements of defender jeeps and mercenaries, highly placed defence sources told Asian Mirror.

The mercenaries of the private security firm were clad in a military-like uniform, giving the impression that they belonged to the Sri Lankan armed forces.

Although the members of the Sirikotha Ops room had informed the security forces of the movements of Avant-Garde vehicles, they had failed to investigate into the matter.

Even after the election, they said, the investigations into the company's involvement in 'election operations'  have been 'blocked' by an unseen hand.

The Colombo Chief Magistrate has already ordered the Police to seize the passport of Avant-Garde Security Services Chairman Maj. Nissanka Yapa Senadhipath, preventing him leaving the country. The order was made upon a request made by teh Criminal Investigations Department (CID) which is conducting inquiries into the floating armory near Galle Harbour, belonging to Avant Garde security firm.

Avant-Garde, according to Police, was granted the floating armory contract by Rakna Lanka, the controversial security firm operating under the Defence Ministry.

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