"Parliament Would Not Be Dissolved Without Passing 20A" : Rajitha Senaratne

 Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine and the Cabinet Spokesperson Rajitha Senaratne on Thursday (25) said that the parliament would not be dissolve without enacting 20th amendment to the constitution which includes electoral reforms.

Addressing a press briefing Senaratne stated that certain politicians were calculating the benefits they can gain by criticizing the ‘good governance’ government.

“Everyone was for the 19th amendment because the president’s powers were reduced. Everyone sprung and came forward to support the 19th amendment like heroes to curtail the powers of the president. But when it comes to curtailing their own powers, they start making the calculations” he stressed.

The Minister also told that the president was in a firm decision about 20th amendment to the constitution as he promised in 100 day programme.

“So we are not dissolving the parliament without enacting it” he added.



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