Sri Lanka Selected Top Global Safety Destination For Women Travelers In 2018: Tops List Of 20 Countries

The People’s Daily newspaper of China selected Sri Lanka as the top global safety destination for women travelers in 2018, in a recently concluded contest, which combined the results of expert reviews, ratings and popular votes, the Sri Lankan Embassy in China said.

Sri Lanka topped the list of 20 countries that were selected, including USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Switzerland and the Maldives.

The awards were presented to representatives from the Embassies and travel bureaus of the winning countries on 05 June 2018, at a ceremony held during the 2018 Women’s Safe Travel Experience Summit, co-organized by the People’s Daily and the Capital Normal University.

Ambassador for Sri Lanka to China Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku, speaking as the representative of the winning country, thanked the People’s Daily for recognizing Sri Lanka’s commitment to the safety of tourists visiting the country, particularly women travelers who are rapidly becoming a strong demographic in the tourism sector.

Stressing on the importance of safety as a deciding factor in selecting a travel destination, Dr. Kodituwakku said that Sri Lankan people are hospitable, friendly and ever ready to provide a helping hand to travelers who need assistance. He also noted that tourist places are well organized, with dedicated staff to guide and help tourists enjoy their visits, and highlighted the presence of a tourist police division dedicated to addressing and processing complaints in a speedy manner and who regularly liaise with the travel industry to improve safety measures for tourists.

Ambassador Kodituwakku highlighted the many experiences available for tourists visiting Sri Lanka, including the beautiful beaches for both relaxation and adventure, and natural attractions including diversity of scenery within a few hours drive of each other, wildlife parks and reserves, and biodiversity hotspots. He also highlighted that Sri Lanka is also rich in heritage, with many places rich in ancient history and culture for those interested in exploring the country’s past and festive pageantry. Dr. Kodituwakku noted that all these experiences are easily accessible through safe and convenient public transport, either railways or highways or domestic flights, all of which provide quick and safe means of travel for all visitors.

In conclusion, Dr. Kodituwakku again thanked the People’s Daily for their recognition of Sri Lanka through this award, and invited guests to visit Sri Lanka to explore its rich diversity of experiences.

Representatives from the People’s Daily, Baidai Trip, National Cultural History Magazine, and China Women’s Cultural Research Center also spoke during the event.