Panadura Nolimit Store Burnt Down Completely

Panadura Nolimit store has been burnt down early this morning. 

Nolimit store is the biggest store in the Nolimit chain, owned by a prominent Muslim businessman. The shop has completely been destroyed due to the fire. 
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Eyewitnesses in Panadura say no body has been injured due to the fire. 
Although the Police do not give out any information about the exact cause of the fire, eye witnesses say the nature of the fire is suggestive of a petrol bomb attack. Meanwhile, a section of vernacular media says it could be an electrical malfunction!
However, the investigators are yet to issue an official statement on this matter. 
Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem had visited Panadura immediately after reports of the fire. It was also reported that the Muslims in the area responded angrily to the attack on the Nolimit store.
When contacted by Asian Mirror, the Police Headquarters said a special investigation team, led by Senior DIG Anura Senanayake, is conducting investigations into the matter. 
Niolimit chain and its owners came under harsh criticism from the Bodu Bala Sena and other hardcore Sinhala-Buddhist organizations for their various acts which, according to them, were aimed at "destroying" the Sinhala community.