"Buddha Sasana Ministry Turns Buddhist Monks Into Political Stooges" - RW

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has accused the government of politicizing the Ministry of Buddha Sasana while creating divisions among the Sangha community of Sri Lanka.

Addressing a public meeting in Galle, the Opposition Leader said the present government has turned the Ministry of Buddha Sasana into a political institution. He also alleged that the Ministry of Buddha Sasana only allocates funds for monks whose political allegiance lies with the government.

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“As a result of this, various hierarchical issues have arisen in the Sangha community,” the opposition leader said.

The opposition leader also criticized the President’s decision to appoint Buddhist monks as Presidential Advisers.

“The government  is now on a mission to turn Buddhist monks into political stooges and this is will make a grave impact on the traditional Sangha community,” Wickremesinghe alleged.

If the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party wants to develop its support-base among the Sangha community, they can do it through their own Bikkhu organizations. Appointing Buddhist monks as Presidential Advisers is unethical and unacceptable,” the Opposition Leader charged.

He also asserted that the government was on a mission to “destroy” the traditional values of Sangha community of Sri Lanka.

This statement comes in the wake of the Opposition Leader’s  remark that the government should be held responsible for the clashes between Sinhalese groups and the Muslims.


"I wish to have a comprehensive report on this incident and also wish to ask the Prime Minister as to why the Government idled, letting the incident in question start and spread out. I also wish to know about the organisations, leaders and persons responsible for these events and the legal action taken against them," the Opposition Leader said making a special speech in Parliament soon after the clashes.