President Promises To Present Fresh Proposal To UNHRC To 'Acquit' Sri Lankan Soldiers: Foreign Policy Experts Shun The Idea

September 08, 2018

President Maithripala Sirisena today said a fresh proposal would be presented to the United Nations Human Rights Commission to acquit whom he termed as Sri Lankan war heroes from war crimes charges. 

Although the President did not elaborate as to how he planned to go about it, he indicated that this proposal would be a resolution presented to the UNHRC at a future session. 

Addressing an SLFP meeting in Nivithigala today , President said he would talk abut this matter at his UN General Assembly speech, later this month. 

"There will be a lot of criticism. But I am sure we can overcome this challenge," he said. 

However, Sri Lanka has already come under fire from UNHRC on moving too slow over the previous resolutions. Although Sri Lanka has co-sponsored a resolution, two years ago, at UNHRC, on promoting reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka, its recommendations are yet to be fully implemented. 

Commenting on the President's latest remark, several foreign policy experts opined that the majority of member nations of the UNHRC would not support a resolution on 'acquitting Sri Lankan soldiers ' without a convincing investigation. 

"How on earth can they acquit Sri Lankan soldiers without an investigation? On what grounds can they support such a proposal?" a leading foreign policy expert who did not wish to be quoted asked, during an interview with Asian Mirror. 

Such a proposal, he added, would turn Sri Lanka into a laughing stock in their eyes. 

Meanwhile, the President also stated that the Presidential Election would not be held even a single day ahead of the scheduled time.