New Veet Pure with Revolutionary Features Unveiled in Grand Style

Veet, the global leader in depilatory products, recently celebrated a significant milestone with the launch of 'New Veet Pure' in the Sri Lankan market. This improved product introduces revolutionary features, and the unveiling event was a glamorous affair attended by some of Sri Lanka's most popular and inspiring female personalities, including the likes of Umaria Sinhawansa, an acclaimed vocal talent; Rozzanne Diasz, an icon in the Sri Lankan fashion and modeling industry; and Hasini Gunasekara, a well-known beautician and entrepreneur, among others.

Positioned as the #NextBigThing in hair removal, 'New Veet Pure' distinguishes itself through several innovative features. One standout characteristic is its long-lasting fresh fragrance, transforming the hair removal experience in a groundbreaking way. The product is available in three variants tailored to different skin types: Dry Skin (made from the essence of Grape Seed Oil), Normal Skin (made from Cucumber extract), and Sensitive Skin (made from Aloe Vera extract).

With all the new specialties, New Veet Pure emerges as the epitome of convenience, effectiveness, and safety, setting it apart from commonly used, less safe methods like shaving. Even in comparison to more expensive alternatives such as salon waxing, New Veet Pure stands out as a quick, hassle-free solution which is both economical yet delivers optimal results. New Veet Pure is the outcome of extensive and rigorous research and development processes and all variants have been dermatalogically tested to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Breaking away from traditional product launch norms, the New Veet Pure launch revolved around a panel discussion featuring key guests Umaria, Rozzanne, and Hasini Gunasekara. The discussion centered on the significance of self-esteem, confidence, and personality in overcoming challenges faced by modern Sri Lankan women. The event underscored a core aspect of Veet's popularity – a commitment to go beyond being merely a hair removal product and to empower the modern woman as a companion in her journey.

"Veet is a global leader in depilatory products, and continuous innovation is the cornerstone of the brand's success. New Veet Pure is the result of extensive R&D efforts, and the product has lived up to its tagline #NextBigThing in hair removal, garnering overwhelming success in markets worldwide. The new product comes to the local market at a time the demand for effective and economical self-grooming solutions is on the rise and we are confident that Veet Pure will be well-received by customers," stated Chathurika Fonseka, Marketing Manager - Health at Reckitt Benckiser Lanka Ltd.

"When it comes to hair removal, Veet has always stood out as an effective, safe, and budget-friendly option. New Veet Pure takes it to an even higher level. In addition to the fresh fragrance and natural ingredients, the improved, dermatalogically tested formula provides long-lasting smoothness and possesses moisturizing and exfoliating properties. These features have transformed the hair removal experience into one that is not just effective but also enjoyable, a ritual to look forward to," said Anjaleeka Mahindapala, Senior Brand Manager - Veet, Reckitt Benckiser Lanka.

With a vision to empower women beyond beauty norms and backed by Reckitt Benckiser’s extensive sales network, Veet has made all three variants available to Sri Lankan women across the country. With 30g and 50g packs for all variants, New Veet Pure is budget-friendly and easily accessible to all women.