People's Bank Achieves 50,000 YouTube Subscribers

February 01, 2024

People's Bank proudly announced that its YouTube channel has reached a remarkable milestone by garnering 50,000 subscribers, which is the highest in the country for any financial institution. As the first financial institution in Sri Lanka to cross this significant milestone, People's Bank continues to showcase its commitment to digital engagement. 

Known for its pioneering approach in the banking sector, People's Bank has consistently embraced digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin and X, to stay connected with its audience. This accomplishment on YouTube underscores the bank's dedication to utilizing various social media channels for effective communication and customer outreach. 

The YouTube channel of People's Bank has become a hub for informative content, providing valuable insights into financial literacy and the bank's operations. The bank's strategic use of social media platforms reflects its proactive stance in adapting to the changing landscape of customer interaction and communication.